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Pinot Gris Katzenstegel 2010 Late Harvests


Wine tasting
Eye: this Pinot Gris has a beautiful yellow colour with golden highlights. Nose: very aromatic tending towards opulence and robustness. It has very intense aromas of candied fruits (apricot, quince) as well as honey aromas. Mouth: this wine is full of nobility with a wonderful roundness sometimes reaching opulence, slightly mellow but always carrying a wonderful freshness. It is its well-balanced intensity that makes it so appealing. 

Wine and food pairing
It can be served alone as an aperitif wine but also with foie gras or to round off a meal. It is a pleasant treat with desserts.

Service and preserving
To be served between 8 and 10°C.
Preserving: 8 to 10 years.

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