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Pinot Gris Katzenstegel Cuvée Théo 2015

Gold Medal at World’s Best Pinot Gris

Wine tasting
Eye: Pinot Gris has a lovely yellow-gold or even amber colour with pink highlights. Nose: very aromatic tending toward opulence and robustness. Pinot Gris develops aromas of forest floor, burnt vine shoots, moss, mushrooms, dried fruits, apricot, honey, beeswax, and gingerbread. Pinot Gris benefits from decanting a few moments before being served for its complexity to be fully appreciated. Mouth:  on the mouth, it is rounded, velvety and robust. It is renowned for being very long on the palate, scented with pleasant aromas of candied fruits and slightly smoky forest floor aromas.

Wine and food pairing
The Pinot Gris is a wine whose strong personality pairs with richly flavoured dishes, such as terrines, game and smoked salmon.
Because of its balance between richness and freshness, it is delicious with both sweet and sour combinations. Foie gras, served in a variety of ways is a delight with this wine. Its many qualities also make Pinot Gris a delicious aperitif wine. It accompanies dishes that are slightly spicy such as meat stews.

Service and preserving
To be served between 8 and 10°C.
Preserving: 5 to 7 years.

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