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Pinot Noir Vieilles Vignes aged in Oak Casks 2014


Wine tasting
Eye: beautiful cherry red colour. Nose: the bouquet is intense and complex with notes of red fruits,  a delicately woody note. Mouth: aromas evoking ripe fruits and leather. 
Oak cask ageing helps the tannins bring structure, robustness, intensity and complexity. It is highly appreciated in its first years but it gains in complexity with ageing.

Wine and food pairing
Pinot Noir aged in oak casks is a full-bodied and well-balanced wine that has met a growing success. Red meats and game call for this Pinot Noir revealing beautiful red colour and intense cherry flavours. Overall, it goes well with red meats, game, grilled meats and cheese. International cuisines should not be overlooked as suitable partners: tabouleh, lamb stew and couscous are some examples of excellent matches with this wine.

Service and preserving
To be served between 14° and 16°C.
Preserving: 5 to 7 years.

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