Pinot Noir "Vieilles Vignes" Aged in Oak 2019



Pinot Noir

Alcohol degree





5-7 years old

Food pairing

Red meats, Grill, Wild game, Cheese
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1 – 12 bouteilles : 12€
12 – 36 bouteilles : 24€
36 et plus : Gratuit


Tasting of the Pinot Noir Oak Barrel

Eye: The dress is a beautiful cherry red.
Nose: Its bouquet is powerful and complex with notes of red fruit and a delicately woody fragrance.
Mouth: It is a well-structured wine with aromas reminiscent of ripe fruit and leather. Its ageing in oak barrels makes it possible to bring out its tannins that bring structure, power and complexity. It is a wine which is very appreciated in its early years but it gains in complexity over the years.

Wine pairings with Pinot Noir Oak Barrel

The Pinot Noir, aged in oak barrels, is a full-bodied and balanced wine that has a growing success. Red meats and game are claiming this Pinot Noir with a beautiful red robe and intense cherry aromas. More generally, he is married to red meats, game, grilled meat and cheese. It would be a shame to forget some dishes of the kitchen without borders: taboulé, lamb tajine and couscous are some of the specialties that enjoy being served in his company.

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