The Winery


Birth of the domain

Located in Ammerschwihr, the village of the Alsace wine Route, known for its viticulture and exceptional terroirs, the Domaine Pierre Adam was created by the Adam family after the end of the Second World War.

With the willingness to offer quality products, Simone and Pierre Adam founded their own vineyard. Since the beginning, they have always given themselves the mission of making their region known to as many people as possible. Thus, their wine allowed them to make known the Alsatian charm both in the other French regions and beyond the borders.


Transmission & Development

Our winery is a young family business whose torch was gradually taken over by Nathalie as well as Rémy Adam, son of Pierre and Simone. We have always been committed to maintaining the family tradition, while bringing our own personal touch and dynamism to the table.

As an independent winegrower, we cultivate, vinify, bottle and market our wines ourselves. If our desire to discover the wines of Alsace has remained intact, we have developed the family business by adding a wine tourism aspect and welcome each day visitors to discover our winery.

The acquisition of new vines and the construction of a new vault for the reception of customers have contributed greatly to the extension of the estate. From 1 to 16 hectares of cultivated vines, we never strayed from our primary motivation. Today our work is rewarded through the numerous prices obtained by the wines of the domain.

Independent winegrower

Our philosophy

With the desire to let each terroir express itself in the wine, we have always strongly associated the work of the vines and the quality of the products. We practice a reasoned viticulture, a method that strengthens the positive impacts of our agricultural practices on the environment.

The interventions in the culture are limited to the bare necessities, this is made possible thanks to theregular and meticulous observation of the plots. The vines are partially grassed and the tillage is limited, in order to reduce the disturbance of the underground environment. The resulting wines are typical of the grape variety and, looking above all the quality, the yields are voluntarily lowered, sometimes up to 50 hl/ha. This voluntary decrease in yield guarantees the concentration of flavoursin the grape berries.


Terroirs and Grands Crus

Our range of wines is mainly divided between Traditional Wines and Prestige Wines.

Tradition Wines
They come from the plots planted to the east of Ammerschwihr, where the estate is established, in the vineyard Plain. Composed mainly of alluvial deposits (sands and pebbles), this type of terroir gives wines among the earliest of Alsace. It contains all the Alsatian grape varieties.

Prestige Wines
From plots planted on the hillsides, specific and delimited, the prestigious wines of our estate are grown on 3 main terroirs.

  • TheGrand Cru Kaefferkopf(literally “head of a beetle”, due to its name in the shape of a hillside). This Grand Cru, whose origin dates back to the year 1338, owes its power to soil components (mainly composed of clay and limestone). It is a quality emblem of Alsace wines.
  • The Grand Cru Schlossberg owes its name to the medieval castle of Kaysersberg. It is imbued with a microclimate, a geology and past testimonies, which make wines with minerality, expressing granite.
  • LeKatzenstegelest un terroir légèrement plus en altitude, présente une forte composante granitique qui lui doit sa personnalité. The Pinot Gris Katzenstegel, from this terroir, is one of our most rewarded wines.

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